Your Local Councillors

John Pillow


Infrastructure, roads, Promenade, Public Conveniences, gardens and playgrounds, pavements/road signs, public safety around construction sites

I have always loved my locality and I wish to use my energy and enthusiasm in order to contribute positively for my hometown.

Through all it’s difficulties it is an honor for me to represent my locality and the people who form part of this community.

Anthony Debono



Komunitajiet, Każini, Parroċċi, NGO’s, Kommunita’ Kummerċjali, Siti Storiċi u Heritage Trail.

L-imħabba lejn il-lokalita’ ta’ Tas-Sliema twieldet miegħi, kibret matul ħajti u għada tbaqbaq ġo fija sal-lum. Ħriġt bħala kandidat għal din il-lokalita’ għaliex veru xtaqt li nservi lis-Slimiżi ħuti u minn dejjem kelli fija il-ħerqa li nipprova nkun ta’ sostenn lill-komunita’. Li tkun kunsillier tagħni din il-possibilita’.

Fil-Kunsill tagħna naqsmu l-idejal li nservu lis-Slimiżi kollha mingħajr ebda eċċezzjoni. Kuntent li naħdmu flimkien b’għaqda kbira għaliex kollha nixtiequ li nkunu ta’ ġid għall-abitanti ta’ din il-lokalita’. Kollha fil-qasam tagħna naħdmu biex inferrxu mal-lokalita’ kollha informazzjoni pertinenti ta’ kif nistgħu ntejbu l-ambjent ta’ madwarna.

Nagħmel kuraġġ lil kull min jgħix f’Tas-Sliema biex jersaq lejna, l-kunsilliera, u jaqsam magħna ideat jew suġġerimenti li jista’ jkollu. Huwa b’dan il-mod li nistgħu naslu biex flimkien insebħu l-lokalita’ tagħna, intejbu kull servizz mogħti u nagħmlu l-ħilitna biex ngħixu fil-paċi u t-trankwillita’ tant neċessarja għal kull Slimiż u Slimiża.

Vivienne Galea Pace


L-Anzjani, Attivitajiet/Żjarat Kullturali, Day Centre

For a large period of time I worked in politics and assisted the elderly and it has always been my pleasure to assist people with their needs.

Sliema is my hometown and I always wished to represent, and provide my contributions, to my locality.

David Muscat


Cultural Events, Activities, Promotional of Local Talents, Town Twinning and Intergovernmental relations

First of all, i love my Locality and it’s people. However, being a councillor is hard work. Every day you will be expected to balance the needs of your local area, your residents and voters, community groups, local businesses, your political party and the council. All will make legitimate demands on your time on top of your personal commitments to family, friends and workplace.

From my view, a councillor’s primary role is to represent the people who live in the locality, and most important thing is that you need to keep them informed about the issues that affect them. In order to understand and represent local views and priorities, you need to build strong relationships and encourage local people to make their views known and engage with you and the council.

Good communication and engagement is central to being an effective councillor. As a local councillor, my aims are:

– respond to residents queries and investigate their concerns -communicate council decisions that affect them

– to work with representatives / committees of local organisations and represent their views at council meetings

– to continue working on my portfolios on Cultural Events, Activities, Promotional of Local Talents, Town Twinning and Intergovernmental relations.

David Soler


General cleaning and sweeping of the whole council area. Garbage and bulky collection

Had experience working with Local Council on the warden system. Knowing how councils worked and that being a pensioner I had time to fill.

I decided to nominate myself to be a councillor and help where necessary.

Illona Fenech


Youths and Children/Żagħżagħ u t-Tfal

My goal as a council member is to assist our youths and children to feel safe and learn new skills and discover new opportunities in a pleasurable and entertaining environment, along with, together with my colleagues, making our locality a place where our locals will be proud to be a part of.

L-għan tiegħi bħala kunsilliera hi li nassisti liż-żagħżagħ u lit tfal biex iħossuhom komdi u jitalmu aspetti ġodda u jiskopru opportunitajiet ġodda b-mod pleserrabli u mod ta divertiment, waqt li ukol, ma’l kollegi tiegħi, namlu lil lokalita’ ta’ tas-Sliema post fejn tħossok gburi tkun parti minnha

Kevin Wain


The Environment and Beaches

I contested the election, because I wish to contribute towards a better environment for residents. My aim is to help in improving the quality of the lives of all residents of our town.

Emmanuel Borg


Animal Rights, Observation of animal rights, Cats Cafe

I decided to contest the elections to provide my assistance for the good of Tas-Sliema and to do my best for the Sliema residents. I am doing this along with my colleagues in order to do our utmost for our beloved locality.

Dr. Paul Radmilli


Educational Courses, Separation of Waste, Legal Issues, Planning Authority Applications. Chair of the Funds Committee. Member of the Finance Committee

Sliema is the town I was brought up in and is therefore a major part of my life. I believe that local councils are ideally placed to assist residents in their needs which are of a local nature such as the collection of waste and the removal of general litter.

Councils should therefore ensure that the needs of the residents take precedence over all other considerations. I do not believe there should be partisan politics interference. Councillors from different political parties should work together, and in my experience this is the case.

This does not mean that there should not be any criticism of central government policy, but such criticism should not be motivated by partisan aims. Councils are ideally placed to act on behalf of residents in view of their closer contact with residents.

Finally in my view, councils should always ensure that they are meeting new challenges, not be afraid of a new way of tackling an issue, seek environmental and I.T. solutions and tap into all forms of funding. This can only be achieved if we CONSULT and LISTEN to residents.

Pierre Paul Portelli


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Wallace Vella Baldacchino


Sports and Physical Activity

I have been a proud Sliema resident since my childhood, during which I met my friends on our lovely promenade and roamed the City’s streets with my bike. Even nowadays, I almost always opt to spend my free time in our beautiful City, simply because in my opinion, which I believe is shared by many fellow nationals, Sliema is one of the nicest cities in Malta.

Having our City so close to my heart made me feel the need to offer my time, insight and assistance to my locality and its residents, and forming part of the Sliema Local Council offers me the perfect platform for that.

John b. Dougall


Waste Management – Tigne, Qui Si Sana & The Strand

Anthony Attard

Executive Secretary

Anthony is born and bred in Sliema. He graduated from University with a Bachelors Degree in European Studies in 2008 and obtained a Masters Degree in Diplomatic Studies through the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies [UoM] in 2009.

Prior to becoming an Executive Secretary in 2011, Anthony spent almost 1 year working as an intern in the Maltese Embassy in Spain. His work in Local Councils began in Hal Safi in 2011, before moving to Gzira in 2016, and full time in Sliema in 2019.